When in Campobasso

Memorizing light from dreams, life, films and photographs. Separating space with transparent layers, sharp edges, and soft washes. Dancing with each painting inside an arena built for the two of us—a space for observing, exaggerating, rotating, sinking and rising. Put a pin in it and watch the world overflow into the studio. I was in a trance, now I’m a viewer. Entering this environment made by me. Do I roll around, climb, or run? How far can I go before the dense background cuts me off? Interior and exterior spaces: walls, lines, and color stuck together on this canvas. I choose marks to embody the tension or harmony between objects in the world. I fall in and out of this space trying to make sense of what has come from me. Each painting is a puzzle I pose to myself. Learning from the last one—reaching just a little bit further...almost to my toes. Painfully self aware at times because making art is a growing game that requires both vulnerability and confidence. 

Relationships / Intuition


Scads of connections

color, line, figure…

Points and lines turn into the planes

                 that form the figures

                         that create the space

                                 that connect with each other.

Deeper than touching

Really feeling and seeing

under the surface to feel.

Primal understandings that are known

without words.